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Going places? You’re in good company! Baby Boomers are keeping their dance tickets full when it comes to seeing the world — domestically and internationally.

AARP’s recent survey, 2019 Boomer Travel Trends, gives the scoop on the hows, ways, and whys folks are getting out and about, so we picked five interesting highlights to share with you now!


Frequent Travelers

Slow down? No way! Boomers aren’t letting their love for exploration, fun, and family togetherness get grounded. In fact, they’re keeping a robust pace with plans to take a good four to five leisure trips this year, per the AARP study, and spend somewhere north of $6,600 to do so.


Family Face Time

Checking out the sights can make a trip pretty nice, but sometimes a vacation is all about enjoying some good ol’ face time with loved ones. Boomers in the study cited time with family and friends as a top travel motivation, followed by relaxation and rejuvenation and, third, just taking a break from daily life.


Bucketloads of Fun

Over half of Boomer respondents in the study anticipated some international visits this year — about one or two outings on average. The most popular type of international trip? The kind focused on ticking off the bucket list. This took the top spot over summer vacations, romantic getaways, and other choices.


Work-Play Separation

Unlike Millennials, it appears Baby Boomers leave more vacation time on the books rather than use it. When Boomers do clock off for travel, however, most of them are much more likely than Millennials and GenX’ers to fully unplug from the office instead of taking work with them on holiday, per the survey.


Suite Dreams

All aboard on the … RV? Not so fast! Boomers in this survey much preferred hotel or motel accommodations to a room on wheels or even other options such as resorts, friends’ and relatives’ homes, and bed and breakfasts. Cruise-ship cabins earned a remote second place.

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