How to protect your ears in spring

4 Tips to Keep ’em Safe & Healthy

As winter retreats (what little of it we saw this year) and people, bears, and power tools emerge from hibernation, the question on our minds is: Are your ears ready for spring? From allergies and cool temps to the louder sounds of the season, spring can impact your ears if you’re caught unprepared.

Dive into the season like a boss with these four tips to get your ears spring ready.

  1. Block out the cold.

    It’s spring for sure, but April showers and cooler temperatures can still prevail before summer takes over. Excessive moisture, cold and wind can do battle with your ears. Keep them warn and dry with crocheted or knitted headband, fleece ear warmers, a hat or other snug gear.

  2. Act on allergies.

    Nearly eight percent of American adults have allergic rhinitis or hay fever, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, which can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as plugged ears. Discuss any allergic reactions – including ear problems – with your doctor to determine the best treatment.

  3. Protect against noise.

    Whether chain saws, gas-powered mowers, stadium ball games, or concerts; noise from power tools and spring entertainment can be hard on your ears, reaching well above the dangerous level of 85 decibels. Use earplugs or earmuffs to prevent noise exposure; one of the most avoidable causes of hearing loss.

  4. Clean with care.

    If your spring cleaning includes removing excess wax from your ears, seek attention from your audiologist or your physician. Improper cleaning can push wax deeper into your ear canal, damage the eardrum, trigger infection, and/or cause hearing loss. Also, remember to keep the cotton swabs out of your ears!

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